funding medical research into
cancer, rheumatology and arthritis

Fellowships / PhD Studentships

It is anticipated that they will probably be applied for under two circumstances.

1. Scientists or allied health professionals in training who wish to undertake a defined period of research into a specific area with a view to obtaining a higher qualification. Such individuals should have a clear research project ahead of them and come with strong support from their senior academic or clinical colleagues. There would never be more than one fellowship awarded per annum to each of the two designated research areas (cancer and arthritis). These fellowships may be up to £30,000 per annum. These will be normally awarded for a period of up to two years.
2. PhD studentships. These may be awarded to support young science graduates in University departments who wish to embark on a research career. The projects should have relevance to the aims of the JGW Patterson Foundation. The award would normally be for 3 years and include tuition fees and be in line with current national PhD remuneration rates. It is not anticipated that more than 1 PhD studentship per annum would be awarded to either cancer or arthritis research.

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