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Drug Discovery and Imaging Group

One of the important aims of the work undertaken by both Dr Williamson and Dr Heer is the identification of new targets for anti-cancer drug development. One of the strengths of the Northern Institute of Cancer Research at Newcastle University is the capacity to link these kinds of findings to an in-house team of medicinal chemists. Headed by Professors Roger Griffin and Herbie Newell, the Drug Discovery and Imaging Group has had a number of notable successes in developing very effective anti-cancer drugs.

Funding from the JGW Patterson Foundation is being used to support PhD students in the group such as Andrew Shouksmith who is designing drugs to inhibit the SKP2 protein – a molecule which interferes with the normal breaks in place to control cell division. In some forms of cancer the levels of this protein are abnormally high leading to rapid tumour growth. As well as producing important information in its own right, support for PhD students such as Andrew is vital to ensure that talented young scientists join the work-force in the future.

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