funding medical research into
cancer, rheumatology and arthritis

Outline of the JGW Patterson Foundation

The JGW Patterson Foundation (subsequently known as the Foundation) is a company with charitable status limited by guarantee. It was formed in 2002 as JGWP Limited and its capital and income stem from the estate of the late Mr. John Patterson.

It aims to support both clinical and laboratory research in the North East of England, which is designed to further the understanding of disease, improve treatment and promote best practice. Applicants may be clinicians, laboratory scientists or allied health professionals involved in the study of cancer or rheumatic disease.

The following areas are considered to be the most likely to be supported by the Foundation:

  1. Pump Priming Research Projects
  2. Fellowships and PhD Studentships
  3. Bridging Funding
  4. Special Purpose Grants

All grant applications will be subject to peer review but any recommended expenditure will need to be approved by the Trust Board at their following quarterly meeting.

Grant Giving Policy

No intellectual property created or acquired in connection with a Foundation funded activity may be exploited in any way without the Foundation’s prior written consent. As a condition of granting such consent, the Foundation will require agreement to its terms of exploitation including the sharing of the benefits arising from such exploitation.

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